Season 5 UNAA Schedule

Area Qualifiers

Iron Coyote IL TBD
OBSTEK Training Quebec, Canada Sept 7th & 8th
The Grip UT Sept 13th & 14th
Ninja Fortress WA Sept 14th
The Studio CA Sept 14th
Adrenaline Monkey OH Sept 15th
BA Ninja Warrior OK Sept 21st
Five Star Ninjas MN Sept 21st
Ninja Intensity CO Sept 28th
Apex Warrior Quebec, Canada Oct 12th
Conquer Ninja Gyms ND Oct 12th & 13th
Explosive Ninja OH Oct 12th & 13th
Next Level Gym OK Oct 12th
Freedom in Motion CA Oct 13th
Kinetic Heights NC Oct 13th
Ninja Warehouse UT - Ogden Oct 19th
The Edge Training Center MI Oct 19th & 20th
Stone Core Ninja CA Oct 20th Adult, Oct 27th Youth
Frog Ninja Academy FL Oct 19th & 20th
Motion Park Quebec, Canada Oct 26th & 27th
Oconee Ninja World GA Oct 26th
Republic Warrior MO Oct 26th
Ultimate Backyard Warrior NC Oct 26th
4 Star Obstacles MD Nov 2nd & 3rd
Gauntlet Fitness OK Nov 2nd
Jungle Gym DGO CO Nov 2nd
Ninja Brand CO Nov 2nd Youth
Skyhook Ninja Fitness OR Nov 2nd
Windy City Ninjas IL Nov 2nd & 3rd
Adventure Fitness Nashville TN Nov 9th
Austin Ninjas TX Nov 9th
Hit Squad Ninjas AZ Nov 9th Youth & 10th Adults
The Ninja Playground UT Nov 9th
Conquer Ninja MN Nov 15th Adults & 16th Youth
Ninja Kour GA Nov 15th & 16th
HC Fit Ninja Training Liverpool, UK Nov 17th
Fortified Fitness TN Nov 23rd
605 Ninja Academy SD Nov 30th
Apex Warrior Ontario, Canada Dec 7th
Ganbaru Ninja MI Dec 7th & 8th
Iron Sports TX Dec 7th
Ninja Hub OH Dec 7th
Northwest Ninja Park OR Dec 7th
Adventure Fitness Nashville TN Dec 14th & 15th
Legendary Fitness WI Dec 14th & 15th
Phamily Fun Fitness OK Dec 14th
Explosive Ninja OH Jan 11th & 12th
Fitset Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Jan 11th & 12th
Ninja Warehouse UT - SLC Jan 11th
Oconee Ninja World GA Jan 11th
Paramount Sports Complex PA Jan 11th
Skyhook Ninja Fitness OR Jan 11th
Sumter Ninja Warrior SC Jan 11th
The Grip UT Jan 17th & 18th
BA Ninja Warrior OK Jan 18th
The Jungle Movement Academy TX Jan 18th & 19th
The Studio CA Jan 18th
Warrior Tech OCR NC Jan 18th & 19th
Bodies In Motion ID Jan 24th
Fredricksburg Ninja VA Jan 25th & 26th
Ninja Brand CO Jan 25th Youth
Ninja U Gym IA Jan 26th Area & Iowa State Games
Ninja Brand CO Feb 1st Teen/Adult
Ninja Obstacle Academy AL Feb 1st & 2nd
Chain Breakers Warrior Academy VA Feb 8th
Nati Ninja OH Feb 8th
NinjaFit Gym FL Feb 8th
605 Ninja Academy SD Feb 15th
Maine Warrior Gym ME Feb 15th
Phamily Fun Fitness OK Feb 15th
Ninja Hub OH Feb 22nd
Soar United TX Feb 22nd
The Ninja Playground UT Feb 28th & 29th
Vermont Ninja Warrior VT Feb 28th & 29th
Camp Rhino ID Feb 29th
Gauntlet Fitness OK Feb 29th
Austin Ninjas TX Mar 7th
Conquer Ninja Gyms ND Mar 7th & 8th
Next Level Gym OK Mar 7th
Steel City Ninja PA Mar 8th
Amp Academy MA Mar 14th
Northwest Ninja Park OR Mar 14th
Sumter Ninja Warrior SC Mar 14th
Tri County Ninja MI Mar 14th & 15th
4 Star Obstacles MD Mar 21st & 22nd
Hybrid Fitness NY Mar 21st
LIVE Training Center FL Mar 21st & 22nd
USA Ninja Challenge TX Mar 21st & 22nd 13U & Younger
The Jungle Movement Academy TX Mar 28th & 29th
Republic Warrior MO Mar 28th
Adrenaline Monkey OH Apr 25th LCQ
Ninja Fortress WA May 16th LCQ
Adventure Fitness Nashville TN May 16th & 17th
The Edge Training Center MI May 17th
Iron Sports TX May 23rd & 24th
Ultimate Backyard Warrior NC May 25th

Regional Qualifiers

Gym Name STATE Dates
Gym Name STATE Dates


UNAA Ninja Championships – Philippines PHILIPPINES Oct 12th & 13th
UNAA Ninja Championships – United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM Nov 17th
UNAA Ninja Championships - Germany GERMANY Mar 14th & 15th
UNAA Ninja Championships – Puerto Rico PUERTO RICO Mar 28th
UNAA Ninja Championships – Australia AUSTRALIA Apr 2020
UNAA Ninja Championships – Canada CANADA May 2020
UNAA Ninja Championships – Guam GUAM May 2020
UNAA Ninja Championships – USA USA July 2020
UNAA Ninja Championships – Brazil BRAZIL TBD
UNAA Ninja Championships – China CHINA TBD
UNAA Ninja Championships – Hungary HUNGARY TBD
UNAA Ninja Championships – SE Asia SE ASIA TBD
UNAA Ninja Championships – Singapore SINGAPORE TBD
UNAA Ninja Championships – Russia RUSSIA TBD