July 26-28 Prior Lake, MN


Mystic Lake Center under final inspection from the Fire Marshall has limited our Seating to 900 Seats.  We had to make arrangements for an additional 500 seats in an adjacent room with a Giant Screen for viewing the Event.

The only time seating will be an issue is during the Main Event Final at 1pm on Sunday.    We will have 10 SEATS reserved in front of each course for the Athletes friends and family that is running the course at that time.  We will rotate those 10 seats so that the athlete’s family has a front row seat during their run for the Top 10 from each class in the Main event.

We ask that once you have watched your athlete you move back into the stands for the remainder of the class that they are competing in.   Once that class is complete, we ask that you kindly rotate to the Viewing room so others can come watch their athletes.

We apologize for any inconvenience, thank you for your understanding.

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General Information

2019 UNAA WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS will be at Mystic Lake Center in Minnesota, on July 26-28, 2019.

More than just an amazing world-class competition, but a world-class experience! Thanks to Conquer Ninja Gyms! Hotel, Restaurants, Golf , Fitness Center and Casino all ON SITE!! www.mysticlakecenter.com