2018 UNAA World Championship Finals

2018 UNAA World Championship Finals
May 10, 2018 James De Lara

Please find ALL the details here – https://www.ultimateninja.net/about/unaa-finals/2018-championship/

Here are some details about Finals:

July 19-21, 2018 at La Cueva High School in Albuquerque, NM.

La Cueva High School Gymnasium –  7801 Wilshire Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM

Ninja Fitness Academy -8620 Pan American Fwy-  will be open for all athletes to come play and work out.   Cost is FREE to UNAA Qualified athletes.    $10 each for any Family and Friends.



The Days for each class is assigned as noted below.   PLEASE MAKE NOTE OF YOUR DAY and plan accordingly.

REGISTRATION FOR Time Blocks WILL OPEN AFTER JUNE 10- (the last State Regional)  to be fair to all athletes coming in.   Times are in Blocks –  Athletes will choose a time block.  It is first come first serve so once a block fills up,  athletes must choose another time block.

THURSDAY July 19   –   Pro Men ,  Pro Women,   All Kids Age 7-9
Prelims:   8am-12pm, 12pm- 4pm,  4pm-7pm or finish

FRIDAY July 20 –Amateur Men, Amateur Women, All Kids Age 10-13
Prelims:   8am-12pm, 12pm- 4pm,  4pm-7pm or finish

SATURDAY  July 21   Teens Boys age 14-17,  Over 40

Prelims:  8am-12pm, 12pm- 3pm

FINALS : 4pm-7pm

PRELIMS:        Prelims will be run on a point system. 

Competitors will have one reattempt for the entire course.   Competitors will be awarded one point for every obstacle completed successfully while the clock continuously runs for the duration of their run. They have the choice of using their reattempt on any obstacle failed during the run. Should they fail an obstacle they are permitted to advance to the next obstacle. Once they advance past an obstacle they can no longer go back and reattempt it.   Each obstacle is worth 1 point. Top score is whoever achieves the most points, paired with the fastest time.

Top 5 in each class move on to FINALS.


Finals will be run with 1 reattempt for the entire course.    Time will be recorded after each obstacle is completed. Fastest and furthest wins.

Concessions will be available at gym.


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