About UNAA

Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association

The Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association, LLC is a corporation that promotes and organizes a nationwide series at Ninja Obstacle course Gyms across the country. We have Area Qualifiers, Regional Qualifiers and an Ultimate Ninja Championship Final with large cash payouts.


Bob and Charlie felt the sport of NOC (Ninja Obstacle Course) lacked a nationwide series that anybody could enter, and that judged competitiors soley on their performance, on the course. They also felt that the top athletes in the sport deserved a chance to make a livelihood doing what they loved, on a grand stage. So, they went about putting together the league they envisioned for the sport. To this day, it is still a work in progress, but they and the ninja community are excited to see it continue to grow!

Bob Clark – Director/ CEO

From Albuquerque , NM. Works at a TV Station, owns a Motocross and Off Road Facility. Started watching Sasuke and American Ninja Warrior with his son when it was on G4. He has been a huge fan ever since. Built a 12 piece obstacle course at his house that he and his son still train on. Also joined Ninja Park and trains there several days a week. Has competed in several Ninja Obstacle course competitions and won the Titan of Texas Challenge 50+ class in Dallas , TX. Bob has been a Director and promoter of over 200 events , including Motocross, Mud Bogs, Off Road Racing, Concerts , 5 K Runs and Obstacle Course Mud Runs.